SMC is uploading the selected surplus and the used items on this site.

We can collect other items not shown on this site on behalf of you. We welcome your inquiry!  (Moves to Inquiry form)





  • 2015.8.19  We bid on online auctions in Japan, purchase products and export them to your country on behalf of you.
  • 2015.5.18  New products have been listed for Heavy Equipment & Agri-machines/Machinery & Generator 新製品(重機、発電機、コンプレッサー)を更新いたしました
  • 2015.4.28  We will list Japanese products for for people in China 中国向けに日本製品をKJT.comに出品いたします
  • 2015.4.28  We have formed a partnership with REN-A-MARK Japan Auction REN-A-MARK Japan Auctionと提携いたしました
  • 2014.8.26 KOMATSU Mini excavator PC30-7/ 2sets on delivery to Philippines コマツ製ミニショベルPC30-7 /2台 フィリピン向け出荷準備開始
  • 2014.8.9  KOMATSU Mini excavator PC30-7 coming soon! コマツ製ミニショベルPC30-7、近日掲載!
  • 2014.8.1  used generator 30kva coming soon! 30kva発電機、近日掲載!